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Does your website help or hinder your marketing and sales? At artKenya, we mix superior web design with common sense usability for website design that drives results. Simplicity, clear navigation and conversion points rule the day and transform visitors into customers.

Our Web Design Philosophy
Websites that are visually clean; structurally simple with consistent navigation are light years more effective at driving results. We bring this philosophy to every site we build giving your company a competitive advantage in online marketing.

Content Management Made Easy
Each site we build comes with cPanel™, our website management system that empowers your marketing department to make website updates in minutes rather than days. Gone are the days of paying and waiting for content changes. » learn more

What do artKenya web sites entail:

  • Visually ‘clean’, simple and with clear navigation
  • Search engine optimisation using all applicable meta-tags, headers, alt-texts, etc.
  • The latest in modern table-less CSS technology for fast downloads
  • Professionally  web-optimised images for fast download
  • Guranteed browser compatibility (including future browsers) through cutting-edge ‘YUI’ technology
  • The latest versions of PHP as server-side scripting language
  • The latest versions of MySQL as open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Cutting-edge ‘Ajax’ technology like tabbed or accordeon panels or sortable lists
  • A professional, intuitive and easy to use control panel that empowers you to make website updates in minutes
  • Form validation wherever appropriate
  •  ‘Capcha’ technology for extra protection of forms
  • W3C compliance (W3C is the website ‘Bureau of Standards’)
  • Easy to navigate through intuitive navigation using pop-ups, 2nd level navigation, or contextual navigation
  • A design and functionalities with the end-user in mind and not to ‘show off everything that we can do’

Web Site Design Costs

Knowing what functionality you want from your site up front will help you get an accurate web design quote. For web site design projects in particular, it is important to have an indepth conversation about your web design needs before providing an estimate. Variables include the project’s overall complexity, expenses, responsibilities involved, and delivery time.


The technologies involved

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