About Us

artKenya.net Ltd. was founded as a web design studio in 2001. Our philosophy was, to give young, talented Kenyans a chance to work and to follow their passion.

Recently, we have also started developing web-based business applications (mostly with full accountancy modules thrown in). We did not see this as a distraction from our core web site business, but rather a bonus for our clients, as this enables us to create the most challenging solutions while applying the latest server-side coding languages.

We are also one of the first web design companies in Kenya who understand and fully implement the revolutionary new YUI™ (Yahoo User Interface) Library which puts your website into a league of its own, as concerns functionality and compatibility. This will ensure that your website remains compatible with all current and future browsers across all platforms and features functions that you can only see in websites like Yahoo, CNN  and Google™.

Our recent web sites have also been certified W3C compliant which gives you an extra assurance that we only use proper code (HTML 4.01) which is compatible over all platforms.

Finally, some of our staff are always 'back in school' to learn the latest technologies available in the field. Currently, we are brushing up on Microsoft's .NET framework, another cutting-edge and futuristic web technology.

However, while we aim to be at the forefornt of technology and as our business grows, we also try to stay small enough to always give you, our customer, that service with the 'personal touch' starting with the development of your project and not ending in case you require support: at artKenya you will always speak to a competent person who knows and understands your account  (being a small company, we have had zero staff fluctuation for eight years and therefore you always talk to the 'boss').

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